Selasa, 26 April 2016

Challenge Accepted!

I am one of the three pioneers in my company, Mitrais, who learn MuleSoft. Started from self learning, project simulation, and eventually join a five days online training. An official training by MuleSoft. Continued with the exam for certification with satisfactory result.

With sufficient resources and support from company, then we spread our knowledge to other staffs. Integration Centre of Excellence (ICE) Team members in particular. A new service division which provide services for integration related things to our product, clients or customers. Again, we get another good result with new certified staffs.

With two integration projects running simultaneously, we need to prepare other staffs sit on bench for other incoming projects. For this purpose we assign some staffs to join 8 weeks MuleSoft.U Developer Essentials Certification Course. Yes, they are also certified... and report to me that they claim a MuleSoft T-shirt as certification reward.

What? Free T-shirt?
Why, I didn't get it? Whereas I certified earlier, through direct training session.
No way... I have to get it also.

My heart filled with envious... then I looking any chance to get it by exploring MuleSoft website. Finally I find a sign for it.

Once I logged in and join the MuleSoft Champions program. I forget what was my main purpose. I find much more attractive things... learning and contributing to community. The first challenge encourages me to watch a conference video which conducted by Mike Stowe. His presentation hypnotizes me, makes me burning in curiosity regarding Anypoint Platform. Another challenge do not want to lose... it challenges me to finish reading book which written by him, make me more curious.

I feel challenged to continue reading other articles, watch videos, or participate in community activity. It really give me additional supplement to increase my knowledge. Give me a lot of confidence to guide my team members, and obviously it affects company services. We can proudly announce that we have armed staff to help us promoting our market share.

Not only knowledge, new friends, or experiences that I get from this program. But also rewards! By contributing to the community, slowly but sure, I collect a lot of points which suitable to redeem an XBox or PS4.
With some considerations I prefer to choose:

  • Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera: a reason to ask my kids play outside
  • CanaKit Raspberry Pi B+ Complete Starter Kit with WiFi: to provoke my creativity (if any)
  • Programmable LED Message Board: I believe it makes me a coolest staff in office (since other are using paper board)
  • Certification Vouchers: another challenge for me to prove my expertise!

However, reward is just a bonus. The most important thing from this program is encouraging me to learn more and more.

Yogyakarta, April 26, 2016

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  1. Nice one Pak Sulthony, We should arrange a "Kopdar" someday :)

    1. Sip, I will wait the invitation :)

  2. Buku yang bagus untuk belajar EDIFACT ORDERS dan INVOIC di buku apa ya pak, dan perangkat lunak atau pustaka untuk bahasa pemrograman apa yang ada untuk dapat coba-coba EDIFACT? saya dapat buku Demystifying EDI karangan Russell A. Stultz, yang diterbitkan oleh Wordware Publishing tapi kurang detil, berikut saya rangkumkan sedikit hasil pembelajaran saya
    terima kasih

  3. This is quite motivational post. I love the fun way of this learning.