Senin, 04 Juli 2016

Running On Our Way

Running is one of my favorite sports, beside cycling. I am not a professional runner, just a man who cannot play other sport games. I have neither endurance nor technique to do this one. Start stepping and going around, nothing more.

Although I have a car and motorcycle, I prefer for walking (sometime running) if the place to go is less than 1 km. As a new resident in this town, many people wonder when they see me walk around. Since most of them riding motorcycle even though the distance is less than 100 m. It doesn't matter, I'm enjoying my habit. By walking/running I know more interesting things than riding a vehicle. Freely to stop, turn around, look for a new shortcut, greet and meet more people.

In addition, I also do this in the office. How to do that, and why?
I run from first floor (parking lot) to third floor (my cubicle) while counting the stair steps. A kind of light exercise before spend whole day sitting in front of computer. That is my reason when someone ask me.

In fact there is another reason: I cannot wait to continue the MuleSoft Champions program. I'm burning through the sky, two hundred degrees... (don't stop me now!It is really addicting. Every morning my head filled with curiosity: How was the result of my last challenge, is there any new challenge today, will I get another opportunity for learning new things?

I am not a Champion or a programmer GuruI just want to go the extra miles improving my skill. And now I feel like a top runner with the best shoes!

Everyday I play around in the forums, learn from common problem and its solution, see the different point of view among different approaches, refer to suggested link or topic to discover a new knowledge, read the documentation, and meet other developers virtually.

Like a marathon run, there is a long way to go and everyone is running toward the finish line. Hence, in order to arrive there, only one thing that I can do: keep running!

Running Studying, on our way...
Searching Coding... seek build and destroy deploy!

Yogyakarta, July 4, 2016

International Bali 10K For Unity, 2008
   Lap time of the first winner: around 35 minutes.
   My lap time... around 90 minutes 
** Don't stop me now, Queen
*** Seek and destroy, Metallica

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